Ways to Take Action – #HereToStayNC

As rumors continue to circulate regarding the imminent end of the DACA program (the decision is now expected Tuesday but could change), it is increasingly important that we join together as a community to stand up and raise our voices with immigrant leaders. 

Ways to Take Action & Stand with Immigrants

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Congress must be pressured to do the right thing. They need to pass a clean DREAM Act – without delay and without turning Dreamers or the DREAM Act into bargaining chips. Senator Thom Tillis has announced that he will soon be introducing a “conservative” version of the DREAM Act in the Senate. Call him today and tell him to keep the DREAM Act clean and to remove or reject any amendment or new law that would jeopardize the safety or status of other immigrants. Contact Tillis at: 919-856-4630. Though Senator Richard Burr has already indicated that he will not support the DREAM Act and has a largely anti-immigrant voting record, contact him at 800-685-8916 and tell him why it’s important to you and to the state that he reconsider his position. Support for the DREAM Act and other pro-immigrant measures will eventually be needed in both the House and the Senate. Call your Representative using phone numbers at https://www.house.gov/representatives/ to ask for their support now.


Sign up for updates and action alerts at http://bit.ly/IRAIN-NC

Please also consider signing up for updates through the national immigrant rights groups you admire most who are active on federal policy.

We acknowledge that this is a very uncertain time for many. Please do not contribute to fear-mongering or panic by sharing information that has not been validated by a well-known source.


Tweet at your Senators and Representatives as well as at the President (@realDonaldTrump).

Remember to include #HeretoStayNC in any of your social media posts!

Keep an eye out for upcoming events and updates shared by the NC Justice Center. Announcements will be made on the NC Justice Center website and Facebook page.


Be vocal with your support of DACA, DREAMers, and all immigrants. Speak up in conversations where immigrants are being mischaracterized or where the importance of pro-immigrant policies is being undervalued. Consider submitting an OpEd to your local newspapers about why immigrants are good for your community or business.

Want to write but don’t know how to get started? For assistance in writing an editorial please contact dani@ncjustice.org, who will match you up with a great guide.


Keep an eye out for local, state, and national events and show up! Go the extra mile by helping to coordinate a carpool for others in your community or social group or by hosting a sign-making party.


Though recent headlines have focused on changes to the DACA program, the safety and wellbeing of all immigrants remains the priority. Refuse to support any proposed legislation that would exchange one life for another. We will not accept any bill that conditions the implementation of the DREAM Act or other immigrant benefit on the funding of broader deportation or enforcement mechanisms and we will adamantly oppose any action that does away with Temporary Protected Status or other benefits for vulnerable immigrant populations.