A call to artists: Art in times of crisis

a call for artists

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A call to artists:

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY—Art in times of crisis

Artists, If your distress over our country’s path spurs your creativity, we have an opportunity for you.

The North Carolina Justice Center and SPARKcon (SPARKcon.com) are collaborating on a project to highlight issues surrounding family separation, ICE raids, and the immigration crisis we now face.

Consider what sort of images might agitate, outrage, and elicit a conscious response to the catastrophic situation evolving before our very eyes. During the SPARKcon festival (September 13-15), we will offer several large windows at the NC Justice Center along Martin Street as frames for your work. What does it mean when we say, “Never again?” How might our art inspire audiences to engage the issues with passion and righteous anger?

The window frames available for your work are approximately 6’X6’ divided into four equal 3’X3’ sections (please see photos below). You might create your work in four parts, although this is not necessary. It is possible for it to fill the entire frame, but it would be segmented. If you are interested in producing a mural, in chalk, on the Justice Center façade for the weekend, we welcome your participation as well.

We are seeking edgy, provocative posters that will linger in the mind and eye of the thousands of individuals who will be passing through the SPARKcon festivities. One stipulation, having to do with the NC Justice Center tax status, is that no elected officials can be included in your images.

Please provide a digital version of your work to onlyamotionaway@gmail.com if you are interested in participating. The deadline for submissions is Friday, August 30. We will share selection results by Friday, September 6.

Thank you—we look forward to hearing from you!


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