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What We Will Do TODAY Because #FamiliesBelongTogether

(July 31, 2018)

  1. Help the campaign move #ForwardTogether to #FreeOurFuture by taking the lead as a point person for one of our key campaign strategies. You’ll get help along the way (if you want it) and a small team of people who are motivated to stop family separation. Use the contact info below to tell us what you want to do.**
  2. We have 100+ volunteers who’ve signed up in the past few weeks who want to do more in NC and in border states. We are matching people up as quickly as we can (thanks for your grace and patience). But we also want to hear from community partners who want to work with campaign volunteers on specific roles as well. Send your volunteer needs to the email address below.
  3. Sign the Action NC petition targeting Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase for financing prison corporations that are profiting off the pain and separation of families:
  4. There are far too many news items, community resources and updates on activism for us to collect all the links in a newsletter. That’s why we hope you will follow the latest in national, state and local news and developments by liking or following our collaborative campaign on facebook at
  5. If you are curious about where this collaborative campaign will go in July and August, we’re setting out a workplan now. If you can join that planning and strategy team, please get in touch offering that.
  6. Reach out to our members of Congress with your concerns. Here is a starting place for sending a prepared letter or writing your own:
  7. Connect more people to the NC collaborative campaign so they can learn more and get involved. They can sign up at

Have an item to contribute to our next update? Please send us the details….

**Right now, our campaign does not have the capacity to make ALL of our communications bilingual, but we welcome participation from all of YOU to help make more communication in Spanish (and more bilingual updates) possible. We are committed to striving for bilingual communications as much as possible. If you can be a point person for language justice, please let us know. Interpreters and translators will be paid for their work if funds are available.

Thank you!

NC Families Belong Together Campaign

774-255-3286  (774-ALL-FBTN = 774-ALL-Families Belong Together Now)